עיצוב וחווית משתמש XU UI לאפליקצית מסחר

AVAtrade עיצוב וחווית משתמש XU UI לאפליקצית מסחר

AvaTrade has been an innovative pioneer in online trading since 2006.

AvaTrade is one of the most influential and innovative online forex and CFD brokers in the world today. The company was created as a combined effort of financial professionals and experts in web-commerce with the goal of perfecting the online experience for retail traders.

Within a few short years, AvaTrade has expanded enormously, with 200,000 registered customers globally executing more than two million trades a month.

The company’s total trading volumes surpass $60 billion per month. AvaTrade’s user-oriented perspective, combined with solid financial backing, is unique in the field of online trading. From its 24-hour multilingual support desks to its broad range of platforms and services, AvaTrade has created the optimal trading environment for every level of trader. AvaTrade’s wide scope includes a full spectrum of trading instruments including Forex, stocks, commodities, and indices.

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